Launch of the Business and Property Court in Leeds

The new Business and Property Court (“BPC”) in Leeds launched yesterday, although it will not formally come into effect until October 2017. The BPC includes the Commercial Court, the TCC and the courts of the Chancery Division. In addition to London, there will be BPCs in Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Cardiff with expansions to Newcastle and Liverpool likely in the future. As the UK moves towards Brexit the re-branding, together with other initiatives such as the Shorter and Flexible Trial Scheme, “will ensure that Britain continues to provide the best business court-based dispute resolution service in the world.” In addition, there will be an enhanced role for the regions with Briggs LJ’s┬ámantra that “No case is too big for the provinces” being put into effect. Even competition cases, which are currently heard in London, will be capable of being determined in the provinces. Vos LJ said that a key aspect of the new BPCs is “connectivity” between the regions and London. The out-going Vice-Chancellor, Norris J., said that ” the launch of the BPC in Leeds is a fantastic opportunity for the provinces.” Further information can be found at