Land Law by Chris Bevan

I am delighted to feature on one of the “Lawyers behind the cases” videos in this recently published land law textbook, written by Chris Bevan, Assistant Professor in Property Law at the University of Nottingham. The book is aimed at students coming to the subject for the first time (although established practitioners are likely to find it very helpful too) and is extremely well written: it sets out the law clearly and in a highly engaging way whilst by no means shirking from addressing the more complex aspects of this subject. It is accompanied by a number of on-line resources to assist both students and lecturers, of which the “Lawyers behind the cases” is but one feature. I discuss, briefly, my involvement in Aspden v Elvy [2012] 2 FLR 807 in which I was instructed on behalf of the Defendant and Sarah Greenan (now District Judge Greenan) appeared for the Claimant.

“Land Law” is published by Oxford University Press.