Prest v. Petrodel Resources Limited [2013] UKSC 34 – a victory for common sense

In summary, the Supreme Court (comprising Lords Neuberger, Walker, Mance, Clarke, Wilson, Sumption and Lady Hale) has unanimously upheld the wife’s appeal and found that the Respondent group of companies held the assets on trust for the Husband. The assets therefore constitute property to which the husband is “entitled, either in possession or reversion” for

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Curran v. Collins

The iniquities sometimes experienced by claimants following the break down in their relationship were highlighted by the recent case of Curran v. Collins [2013] EWCA Civ 382. This was a renewed application for permission to appeal against the decision of the Circuit Judge that Ms Curran did not have an interest in a property owned

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Clive Anderson

In his radio programme “Unreliable Evidence” BBC Radio 4 to be aired on Wednesday 22nd May 2013 at 8pm, Clive Anderson (a fellow alumnus of Selwyn College, Cambridge) and his guest panel will be discussing the law on cohabitation. Well worth a listen!

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